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So... If you're not into fetish stuff, look away


BBW/BHM/SSBBW/SSBHM/Weight gain: It's just the soft-looking body that appeals to me. And that jiggle, oh man! It's like water! Plus I like seeing people getting more softness and more of them rolls! Plus, bigger Is better amirite?

Inflation: I like how their stomachs just bulge out into this big beautiful mass. And how their bodies just turn into spheres, leaving only the head and appendages un-inflated! Makes them look bigger!

Stuffing: (Look at the first sentence in Inflation)

Gas: It's just the sound of those belches and flatulence that turns me on~!

Pregnancy: (Look at the first sentence in Inflation)

Vore (Same size): (Look at the first sentence in Inflation) Also the bulges of people squirming just adds to the realism~!

Blueberry: (Same as inflation)

Butt/Breast Expansion: Swiggity swooty, coming for da' booty! And dem titties too~!


Popping: Oh, LAWD! Where do I even start!? First of all, it involves the expandee DYING! And messy popping, UGH! I have a weak stomach when it comes to real life gore... If that person pops, then they won't expand again! Nor can a dead person love! With only a FEW exceptions (Like :icongamerjohn022691: (He had kind of a good reason for having this fetish, plus he's my friend)) I think people who like popping are kind sadistic. I mean jerking off to a person's death? That's kind of sick. This is one of my top hated fetishes FYI.

Cartoon squashing/Stretching/Other Toon Body Manipulation: It just doesn't make any damn sense! How can you survive being crushed by a rock. You should be a bloody mess, not a fucking PANCAKE!

Anthro: Self-explanatory, I only want to fuck members of my own species. Moving on.

Head inflation: Those bulging eyes just look ugly man.

Scat/Piss: Self-explanatory, human waste isn't hot, it's just fucking DISGUSTING!

And that's it for now. Ciao! 
Don't be a whiny little bitch like :iconvore-seeker:!

So I made this commission for him:  Commission: Stocking's StuffingStocking
One of the Anarchy Sisters
Was going for a stroll in the park
Until she came across a sweet store
Her eyes dazzled at the sheer size of the building
The automatic doors opened as the angel walked in
She was amazed at the countless rows of delicacies
Stocking didn’t know which aisle to go first
So she just walked to the cake aisle
There she saw a numerous variety of cake mixes and pre-packaged pastry
She walked down the aisle until a certain package caught her eye
Stocking took the box which said ‘Hikari’s Sweet Sucre’ with a picture of a few kittens with blue wings
She then looked at the picture of the product that was inside
A moist chocolate cake with vanilla swirls, brownie bits, chocolate chips, and strawberry jimmies
The angel licked her lips and her stomach growled
She must get one of these
No, make that a couple
No! Make that several
Fuck it! Make that as many boxes as I can hold
So Stocking carried the mound of cake packages to the cash register

And you know what he did? He bitched and moaned about how my poem wasn't good enough or how Panty being in Stocking was supposed to be the majority of the story. I can't provide everything ya know! Fucking spoiled brat.
So I replied to him by saying this: "Hasn't your mother taught you to NOT look at a gift horse in the mouth?"
Then like a crying baby bitch he blocks me. And I don't care, let immature babies be immature babies!

So remember this if you're asking for a request/commission from me: I can't provide everything you want, and I try my best. So make sure NOT to look at a gift horse in the mouth, just appreciate it for what it is.

Don't be a :iconvore-seeker:
That's right! This week I'm going to finish those commissions/requests (Which slots are still available) just in time for Christmas! And I'm drawing some pictures for my friends and favorite artists!

These artists include:

:icong-nibbles:(Gift done!):icontrinity-fate:(Gift done!):iconmetalforever:(Gift done!):iconrobot001:(Gift done!):iconblackenedkrono::iconhippinite:(Gift done!):iconsaxxon:(Gift done!):iconsaxxoff:(Gift done!):iconmask-de-jimman:(Gift done!) :iconsamuraibry:(Gift done!):iconsumoniansamurai:(Gift done!):iconprisonsuit-rabbitman:(Gift done!):iconbrokenbrow:(Gift done!):iconsneakylittlebastard:(Gift done!):iconjeetdoh::iconsibon13:(Gift done!):iconda-fuze:(Gift done!):iconxx-redandroid-xx:(Gift done!):iconoda-lee:(Gift done!):icondani-eel:(Gift done!):iconallstarman:(Gift done!):iconmaxtaro:(Gift done!) :icondimensional-expander::iconplayon999::iconpuppiepump101::iconmafiaraptor12:(Gift done!):icontacokart:(Gift done!):icondarkfireballz:(Gift done!):iconrabbidlover01:(Gift done!):icongamerjohn022691::iconmetalsonic612::iconthecafebaltic:(Gift done!):iconsithvampiremaster27:(Gift done!):iconchainjaws-kun::iconaxlwisp:(Gift done!):iconcakehoarder:(Gift done!):iconjadelh:

And many more~! 

So be brace yourselves, gifts are coming!

UPDATE: Making all these gifts for you guys are really taking a lot out of me, so be thankful of what you have. (Plus I'm doing this out of generosity)

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everybody! And a prosperous new year!

And for anyone who feel generous enough to give back the joy:  My Secret Santa WishlistFor my regular secret Santa(s):
-Un-chibi versions of Suspendisse, Thalassius, Rubinus, Citrino, Carbunculus, Caliana, Peridoto, Peridota, Adamas, and Opalus
- Amethysto and Amethyst nuzzling
- Hikari having some 'fun' with Stocking
- A leavanny admiring Viridi
- A chibi Hikari and Viridi bitching at each other
- A chibi Palutena kissing Pit on the cheek
For my expansion secret Santa(s):
- An immobile Stocking with Hikari cuddling her
- A hoopa making out and feeding a 500-pound Jinx
- A 600-pound pear-shaped Viridi eating people
- Amethysto cuddling and kissing a 500-pound Amethyst
- A 700-pound Linda Belcher
- Kotakonaru (Shiny) feeding Etna
Before you ask, NO it's not what you're thinking. It's something else, read ahead to find out more.

    It's near the end of 2014, and what a fucking year it was. Many innovative technologies have been developed, including phones with touch screens, and self-driving cars are about to be on the market. We've also created social media that helps us communicate with friends and family from far away. But alas, today's youth has been irresponsible with technology and have grown too attached to their fancy schmancy iPhones and Samsung Galaxies. I have seen my classmates 'tweeting' and 'snapchatting' DURING class when it's time to learn. Even 3-year-olds have their own tablets and phones! But I, Carlos Lorenzo Hernandez, am not one of them! I shall not stand for this blasphemy! If you think all teens act the same, then you are dead wrong! And I'm going to prove it to you! I don't fit into the 'hip-hoppin'', rap-loving, swag hag, tweetin' teen archetype that you and I see in public, oh no, no, no! I'm actually much different from them, and I'm pretty damn proud of it! I'm more sophisticated then them, I'm a bookworm, and I prefer to listen to more complex forms of art.
    As a 16-year-old, I act quite mature for my age. Unlike other teenagers I watch what I say, I use proper grammar, and I wear plain clothes. I'm sort of a stickler for grammar, so I can't help but correct someone when they use improper grammar. And I use big words and don't say 'fuckin'' every 5 seconds! And unlike those teens with their dumb 'Swag' shirts, their fake gold chain, their cheap perfume/cologne, and their 'YOLO' hats, I just wear plain clothes like a blue shirt and blue jeans for example. How I express myself through attire and verbal communication makes me a sophisticated individual .

    Unlike other adolescents of my generation whose eyes are glued to a bright screen using the new-fangled "Instagram" and "Snap Chat", I mostly care for my education and would rather date when I finish college. I'm a fellow that values the importance and advantages of learning new things, rather than just posting selfies on my phone. I have to admit, I can be a pretty nosy person at times; I just want to learn everything about everything, what positive things can come out of texting like a madman 24/7? As I always say, knowledge is power. And I know one day that all of my hard work and effort in school will be all worth it in the end when I have a great-paying job and a prosperous life. My intellect and wit are what me unique.

    And oh, don't get me STARTED on rap and hip-hop! I really dislike those genres with a burning passion! With their repulsive beats and unholy lyrics, I try to evade rap's firm grip whenever I have the chance! And the slang that come out of that so called 'music', UGH! I hear it all the freaking time! I swear if I had a dollar whenever I hear someone say the n-word, I would save the U.S economy. And to pour salt on the wide-open wound, I was bullied with that dreaded '"Eh!" *4-syllable clap*' that I first heard in 4th grade! And it still haunts me to this day! As I dodged rap culture's bullet, sadly many of today's youth haven't. And I think I have a reason why: The lyrics are usually about sex and money, which are two things people think they want most. Rap is so popular because these rappers are going into teen's deepest desires, especially sex. Teens want to fit in with their peers, so they usually follow a fad. One fad that I see today is 'sagging', which is when a person wears saggy pants to show their undergarments. This act probably originated in prison. Since prisoners have no belts in prison for safety concerns, they had to keep their pants up. And the ones that didn't wanted anal sex. And since rap lyrics are usually about gangsters, violence, and prison, it makes sense why teens would follow this fad. Rap culture's slang is also a fad, and slang like 'swag' (Which makes my blood boil whenever I hear it!) is mentioned in rap songs. Rap culture has made youth today sound uneducated, this is the reason why I have a vendetta against rap and hip-hop. Instead I indulge in forms of chill, jazz, and video game soundtracks. And I'll continue to not be consumed by rap culture.

    All in all, I am quite the unique teenager; I'm a polite gentleman, not a thug nor a 'G': I'm lured by the wonders of education, and I listen to more complex music. Those are what make me, what set me from those sheep of Lil' Wayne, Chief Keef, and 2Chainz. I am a philosopher stuck in a 16-year-old's body, trying to open the eyes of American teenagers. Just like Gandhi, I'm trying to be the change I want to see in the world. In the end, I want to change youth. I may be the shimmer of hope this world needs.
Note me if you want a commission! :D (Big Grin)
Want to commission me to do a gift for someone else this holiday? Well gifts are only 20 :points:! No matter what kind of commission.

Short Story: 50 
Points (Stories up to 2000 words)
Hikari and Stocking in WonderlandStocking Anarchy a black haired goth girl was outside the church she shared with Panty her sister, she was sitting at the table eating some cake, and a hole in a tree appered, she walked to it and fell in
"CRAP! CRAP!" She yelled.
Going down with her was a blue-haired fellow named Hikari, and he seemed to be... running late.
"Oh! I'm so late! The Red Queen's gonna kill me if I'm not there in time!"
He looked at his pocket watch and suddenly he fell face first on the ground, then the goth girl landed butt first hitting him.
"OW! God damn it my ass!" She complained.
She landed on him ass first, but she was wearing a skirt, he had a nice ass on his face but also a stripped panty shot as well. The fellow smiled and felt a like his nose was going to pour blood. It was obvious, he was in love with the goth girl.
"So... What's your name? I must know!"
"S-Stocking Anachy...Why do you care?" She stood up dusting off her dress.
He stood up straight. "I was just wondering... obviously..." His che

Story: 70 Points  (Stories up to 4000 words)
Chapter 1: GluttonyChapter 1: Gluttony
!------------ WARNING ------------!
This story has some kinky stuff
like wg, if you don't like it,
then go somewhere else.
(Like looking at LOLcats or memes
or something else that you enjoy)
 This concludes my warning.
It was a bright and sunny day, the spring breeze flows through the blooming cherry trees in the Daten City Park. Cherry blossoms danced with the wind as they descended to the ground. On a wooden bench there was a blue haired fellow named Hikari Kibago, a pokeperson who had to go through great lengths to be where he is right now. And next to him was Stocking Anarchy, an angel that fights ghosts with her sister Panty in order to return to heaven for their past misbehavior. Hikari has been fighting alongside the Anarchy sisters for quite a while now, and they’re ready for their final challenge!
“So when do you think this so called ‘ultimate ghost’ will make his debut?” Hikari said sit

- Sprite - 1 Points (10x10 sprite) or 10 Points (100x100 sprite)
- Icon - 5 Points
Line drawings:
- No Background - 5 Points
Commission: Ellen by Cat2999
- With Background - 10 Points
 Request: The Squid of Daten City by Cat2999
- Simple color - 10 Points
Commission: The Ghost Vampire Triplets by Cat2999
- With background - 50 Points
Commission: Skivvies by Cat2999
- Shading - 20 Points
- Shading with background - 100 Points
- Comic - 100 Points each page
- Photoshopped Image - 150 Points
Beach Shit Happening by Cat2999
- Coloring (You commission me to color your picture) - 40 :points:

- Haiku- 3 Points
Request: Tomoko HaikuTomoko gaining
By consuming snacks and sweets
She became a blob

- Limerick - 5 Points
Request: The Two PearlsThere was a Crystal Gem named Pearl
She slashed, she stabbed, and she did a twirl
When a male gem named Pearlo passed through the door
When he spotted her quite large derrière, which Pearlo hasn’t seen since the days of yore
That hypnotic jiggling and joggling as she spun made the gem’s head go into a whorl
After Pearl was done, she walked to the door and saw the guy
Pearlo snapped out of his hypnotized state and said, “Man you have such a lovely rump, that’s a thing I can’t deny!”
The Crystal Gem blushed and Pearlo continued, “How about you and I go on a date?”
Pearl nodded and said, “That sounds great!”
So the couple left the Crystal Temple, Pearlo was behind her and could resist that bulging thigh
They came across an exquisite diner then Pearlo said, “How about we eat here? It’s all on me!”
So the two headed inside and the lovebirds talked and had some chamomile tea
After that they headed to the Beach

- Free verse Poem- 25 Points
Commission: Halloween in HyruleIt was a dark and starry night
Glimmering diamonds covered the indigo sky
From the fiery trees keese take flight
It was Halloween at the Lon-Lon ranch, where Talo is making some pumpkin pie
Sitting at the dinner table was Princess Zelda and Talo’s daughter Malon
Zelda was going out as a mage
While Malon was going out as a rowdy cowgirl, which kind of turned the princess on
“Now are ya sure you two gals are gonna be okay out in the dark?” Talon said since he feared that a full moon would cause a zombie rampage
The farmer’s daughter giggled. “I’m sure father! I’ll be protected by the princess’ magic!”
Zelda nodded as she gave Malon’s pillow case for storing sweets
“Good! Make sure to protect my little girl alright? I don’t want her to fall into something tragic!”
“Alright I will!” Zelda said as the girls got out of their seats
So the couple exited the farm house and went to the horse stables
Malon w

- OC Autobiographical Poem - 12 Points
Commission: 'Kalinasi' Kalininia SiniarinThey call her by Kalinasi, but her real name is Kalininia
She is sheepish, adorable, quiet, and quite the intelligent girl
She has no relatives, which makes her feel down
She admires joy, innocence, and lovable things
She feels loneliness, not belonging here, being transparent to the people around her
She finds happiness in her closest friends, when people know she exists, and when others feel joy
She desires a more vibrant personality, to be known, and to lose some of her innocence
She generates gleefulness, courage, and positivity
She dreads losing her closest friends Ria and Oceana, her powers consuming her, and fornication
She would like to see folks realizing that sex isn’t life, ecstatic people, and a world without felonies
She enjoys juice, other people’s happiness, and dancing in the rain to dubstep
She likes to sport lovely things, things that don’t show off, and pastel colors
Her last name is Siniarin

A Haiku is a three-line poem that has five syllables in the first and third lines and seven syllables in the second

A Limerick is a five-line poem where the first, second, and fifth line have to rhyme and the third and fourth lines have to rhyme.

A free verse poem is a 25-line poem, that's pretty much it xD

And an OC autobiographical poem is a 13-line poem about your OC, where these have to be required:

You have to tell me: 

1. Your OC's first name
2. Four adjectives that describe your OC
3. You OC's parents and siblings
4. What your OC loves (Three things)
5. What the OC feels (Three sensations or emotions)
6. What the OC finds happiness in (Three things)
7. Things your OC needs (Three things)
8. What your OC gives (Three things)
9. What your OC fears (Three things)
10. What your OC would like to see (Three things)
11. What your OC enjoys (Three things)
12. What your OC likes to wear (Three things)
13. Your OC's last name

...for me to do the OC autobiographical poem.

Take your pick!


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A fellow who is serious, witty, inventive, and persistent
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Who adores fudge, ample women, and Stocking
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Who requires someone to be with, admiration, and feeling useful at times
Who gives a sense of protection, a sense of hope, and joy
Who fears death, losing a loved one, and spiders
Who would like to see a dream come true, his true love, and a peaceful future
Who enjoys inventing things, running, and eating sweets
Who likes to wear formal clothing, shirtless with boxers in bed, and shades of blue and white

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gamerjohn022691 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
One day, if you had a Premium Membership, you MIGHT just make another group dedicated to Amethyst Weight Gain pics... ;)
DrChrisman Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
SpiritFul-Adopts Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  New member
Hey could I commission you for some stuff? :')
Cat2999 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure! :D
DrChrisman Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
got to say you good at coloring:)
Cat2999 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I also do coloring commissions. Which are 40 points.
DrChrisman Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I good thanks:) but I hope you asked that chan guy before you posted his work you colored:)
Cat2999 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I did ask him, he was cool with it! ^^
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trippinxtremezebra Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Student Filmographer
thanks for the watch!
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