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Hikari Kibago!
Congrats, you ol' chap!
Pretty funny because we're starting with the very first OC on the first month of the year.
Oh well

Now for the poll for February 2016
Here... We... go!
Deadline is January 31, 11:59 PM EST
So vote now, y'all!
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Ugh! I'm so bored!
What should I do?
The Pokemon of Daten City by Cat2999
The Pokemon of Daten City
Here's the first picture for the month of Hikari!

This features Hikari and Kotakunaoru's friends that they met in Daten City
That includes:

Anteno the Salamence:
Anteno is a stone pokemon, which are pokemon that have different colors than their regular counterparts. He's rather cocky but has helped Hikari and Kota a TON on their journey; providing them a lift and some extra firepower. He was mostly a teacher to the Kibago brothers, giving them advice when needed and helped them use their dragon powers.

Shimo the Nidoking:
An nidoking with the powers of Kyurem, completing the tao duo that is Hikari and Kota. He possesses ice powers and control them quite well. They first met when Hikari and Kota wanted to find some extra help in their journey in collecting heaven coins. Currently Shimo's the Kibago brothers' third member, and hang out often.

Volt the Pikachu:
A rather unique pikachu who has a lightning mark on both of his red cheeks, thus giving him the nickname "Volt". Relatively snarky and can be full of himself, he's actually quite insecure but hates to show his weaknesses. You can say he's the Brief of Hikari's and Kota's group. He helped Hikari control and manipulate his electrical powers when the Zekrom's stone was absorbed into the axew. He's physically strong and is quite the glutton, and likes to tease the couple of Panty and Brief.

Supai the Deino:
An acquaintance of Hikari, along with his brother Sunupu the Hydreigon (who first started off as a deino too, but later evolved as soon as he returned into his light form) pretended to be the Demon sisters' partners to spy on them and make sure Hikari and Kota are one step ahead of them. Supai is a gluttonous pokemon, often eating most of Stocking's sweets when Hikari brings him over.

Sunupu the Hydreigon: (Who is not pictured)
Along with Supai, he was Hikari's and Kota's acquaintance but was at first a deino like Supai; spying on the Demon sisters to get some info during the quest to restore light to the poke-people. As soon as he returned into his light form he could now evolved and is currently the hydreigon he is today. Sunupu's is Supai's older sibling, using his three heads to cause massive destruction to foes. Like his brother, Sunupu loves to eat but can control his appetite when the time comes. Though he doesn't want to admit it, he has the hots for Dark Pit.

Toppu the Pidgeot:
Toppu is the Kibago's brothers' second airlift, playing a huge role in defeating the ghost latias and latios. He's fast and loves to show it, often having contests with Anteno to see who can fly the fastest. He enjoys to fly around Daten City, living on top of a building so he could get a great view. Toppu possesses the pidgeotite under his feathers, allowing him to mega evolve.

Corona the Charizard:
Corona met Hikari and Kota when he was a charmeleon, helping Kota get used to his fire powers he gained from the Reshiram stone absorbing into his body. He evolves into a charizard when the zombie outbreak happened, seeming to adore burning the monsters into a crisp with his new abilities. Due to his species being quite popular, some of the fame has gotten into his head; sometimes ignoring Hikari and Kota to bask in his popularity. He also has the charizardite X.

Also, pokemon who reside in Daten City aren't able to be caught; leading the Pokemon to have full lives in the urban society.

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